Thursday, December 20, 2018


Jeff and I (Lisa) have recently ventured into the Genetic Genealogy world.  It is so interesting and there is lots to learn!  And we are connecting to relatives we didn't even know we had!

I have been learning so much and one of my favorite resources is a Facebook group called Genetic Genealogy Tips & Techniques.  This is a group started by Blaine Bettinger who really understands DNA testing.  He also wrote two wonderful books on DNA which I would highly recommend. 

If you are interested in connecting to us through your DNA matches, please contact us!
Jeff and Lisa McCown

Friday, October 21, 2016

McCown and Brandsborg Genealogy Website

We are Jeff and Lisa McCown and we do genealogy together.

Come browse our family trees.
McCown Family Tree (includes Wolfe, Mason, Helin)
Brandsborg Family Tree (includes Stelljes, Schuster, Williams)