Saturday, April 27, 2019

A good washing

I am trying out a new "wash" for the motorhome.  I have heard the jokes from my friends saying that by the time I finish washing it that I will be old enough to retire.  Yes, after finishing just over HALF of the washing, I am sunburnt and tired.  I did put on sunscreen before I went out today.  I am only washing the side in the shade, so I am waiting until a little later to do the other side.

The new wash I'm using is LustreLabs LXR.  It is a wash and chemical that is supposed to "seal" the clearcoat and provide a yearlong wax type of finish.  It is SUPER thick when it comes out of the soft-sided bag container.  I think it would be best to set the bag in the sun a while to warm it up before trying to measure it out for mixing.  It has the thickness of pancake syrup right out of the fridge.  You only need 4oz per gallon of water.

So far it has done a good job of washing.  I'm not seeing the "miracle" of resealing the finish.  I do see the color of the decal areas darken a bit, but I am not seeing the finish being restored like I hoped it would.  Don't get me wrong!  I am a bit of a realist when I read product claims and then use the product.  I have rarely been amazed by a product in comparison to when it is hyped up to be.  But it is doing a nice job with a good washing.


  1. For as much work as that must be, I imagine that's a once, maybe twice a year task.

  2. I learn from everything I do with this vehicle. I have an extension pole. I will buy an attachment for the end of it to wash next time. It takes too long using a ladder.