Saturday, June 22, 2019

On Air Force One

Well, not the flying one, but the "braking system" one!

I installed the Air Force One braking system in the motorhome and the towed car.  My neighbor, Larry, down the street was extremely kind in letting me come down one Saturday and put my car up on his lift.  We were able to get under the car and do all of the work needed.

He was Superman in getting my car taken apart and knowing exactly what to do.

He custom made a few items to make it a really professional finish.

Unfortunately, the custom mount on top of the engine didn't work out too well.  It shook the control box violently, so I ended up taking off the front of the car again and mounting the box behind the bumper.

Inside there is a pneumatic cylinder that applies the brakes proportionally in the car as I apply them in the motorhome.  What's really nice is that I don't have to hook anything up inside to "ready" the car for towing.  I just put the key in, turn it to ACC, put it in neutral, and flip a switch that I installed to disconnect a breaker.  Everything else is just hooked up to the front of the car.

Now that it is all done, it looks very nice.  You really don't see it standing in front of the car looking at it.  Closeup you see it all!

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