Lisa's Family Tree

I (Lisa) have recently been tracing the Willliams line of my tree.  I have been learning how to research Wales information online which is a new adventure for me.
And now I'm diving into the Brandsborg and Stelljes branches which are taking me to Germany and Denmark!  So exciting! 

I source my tree extensively and have lots of pictures to share.  I've also had my DNA done and am making connections with those results. 

My side of the tree consists of names such as Brandsborg, Williams, Schuster, Stelljes, and Woods.

Here is the link to my tree online:

1901:  Charles and Elise Schuster

About 1916, William E. Williams and sonsL to R -  William E. Williams Jr., Rhys Williams, Lloyd (small child in white), William E. Williams Sr., Thomas E. Williams

Laurids & Ane Marie Brandsborg - Denmark

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